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    WannaLoans Loans South Africa

    Short term personal loans have become a popular choice across the world and over the recent years they have emerged as the much needed solution in times of distress. Traditional financial institutions like banks and any non banking financial corporation does not offer any solutions to temporary and small financial problems which could be because of an impending debt or pending payments of certain bills. Whatever be the specific requirement, WannaLoan short term loans comes to the rescue of innumerable people when they are in need of some cash and do not have resources to get it from.


    WannaLoan Payday Loans, South Africa’s newest payday loan lender

    Among many private organizations offering similar loans, WannaLoan short term loans are amongst the most desirable. This is not because of any particular brand backing or owing to popularity among borrowers.

    It is because WannaLoan short term loans come with the maximum clarity. Even in the US and the UK, short term loan lenders pr payday loan lenders often do not come clean with their offerings, especially the service charges, fees and interests that are due. There is also very little clarity as to what kind of loans an individual is eligible for, for how many days are the loans easiest to get and the different approval criteria. The entire process is not often transparent and that only increases the likelihood of uncertainty for borrowers.

    With WannaLoan short term loans, at least a part of the entire financial lending industry seems to be changing for the good. Right when you get to the website of WannaLoan short term loans, you are straightaway advised that you cannot borrow more than R2500 if you are a first time borrower and to get more you have to be an existing client with a proven track record with the company of having paid your previous loans on time and repair the entire amount you owed. This clarity is extremely desirable.

    Furthermore, WannaLoan short term loans make it unprecedentedly clear as to what charges you would be paying including fees, VAT, interest and for the service. The online calculator that WannaLoan short term loans website has lets you choose an amount, the number of days and tells you how much you would owe and gives you the breakup of the entire amount to be repaid. Kudos to the company for having created an interface that is more transparent and fair than even the mortgage loans of the world’s largest and most reputed banks.

    With referral programs offering financial rewards, instant cash, no paperwork and endless recommendations in the form of newsletters, dealing with WannaLoan short term loans is not only convenient but an experience hitherto unavailable

    Short Term Loans South Africa – The Pleasure And the Pain

    Everyone, some time or other is searching for a short-term to tide over the temporary discomfort of a vehicle or appliance repair, medical bills or funds required for a vacation.  A short-term loan is a great opportunity for you to meet your emergencies and repay them without much hassle through your paycheck. Sometimes these loans also get categorized into payday loans which thousands of financiers are willing to give, though each of them may have a different criteria for parting with the loan. However, you must examine the various options in front of you with extreme care before you decide on your final lender. You have an unlimited choice of lenders for short-term loans before you and must stand up to the dilemma of finding the best one to suit your budget and your lifestyle.


    Financiers of most short-term loan South Africa, have set the following yardsticks to qualify an online loan.


    • You need South African Citizenship
    • You must have completed 18 years of age
    • You must hold a valid bank account
    • You must have a regular job
    • You need a valid email ID


    Most short-term loans have a 40-day repayment cycle which means you can conveniently pay when your payday arrives. The lenders discuss with you and advise you on the quantum of loan that you can repay comfortably without stress or hassles. They take special care to advise you on your affordability of payback.


    Interestingly, Wonga, a short-term loan company registered in Britain has chosen South Africa as its first international destination outside Britain to expand their business. South African founders Jonty Hurwits and Errol Damelin, who founded this company in 2007, have taken it high up on the popularity ladder as a short-term exclusive online lender of unsecured loans. In its Initial offering solely to their brother South Africans, the company has offered their customers a loan of R100 to R2000 for one-month period until payday.


    Wonga uses the online risk assessment technology that assimilates the amount that needs payback, depending on the loan amount and the period of the loan. New customers always get smaller loans valid for not more than 30 days.


    Get Bucks is another short-term loans dispenser who works only on the online application system. You can save time and energy by not having to submit paper work or stand in long queues. The best part is that they can approve and grant the loans within an hour.


    A general review about the short-term loans in South Africa


    While the advantages are that you can borrow up to R4000, depending on the lender and payback in 30 to 45 days and loan approval and sanction may take just an hour or so, there is also a downside to this system. Some of them are the initiation charge for each loan, the 5% interest rate that adds up to more than 60% per annum and the daily admin rate and collection fee that they include in the repayment.